Teaching and Learning Exploratory

Professional Membership Registration

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Requirements for TLE Registration

Welcome to the Teaching and Learning Exploratory Community! Follow these registration steps to subscribe to the METX collection and gain access to our systems. Once you are registered and subscribed, you can add more collections, services and features from your account.

  • Create your account with a username and password
  • Affirm your agreement to follow membership requirements
  • Pay for your subscription to the TLE base collections

What Does the Professional Subscription Include?

Subscription to the TLE requires a subscription fee of $5/month, billed annually ($60). Subscription access to the TLE includes:

  • Measures of Effective Teaching (METX) videos and resources
  • Grand Rapids Elementary Mathematics Laboratory 2012 (GREML) videos and resources (GREML Collection must first be activated by completing the post-registration education module)
  • High-Leverage Practices (HLP) Video Examples Collection videos and resources
  • TeachingWorks tag resources for instructional practices and CCSS video tags
  • Robust user supports through Zendesk and WalkMe tours