Great teachers aren't born. THEY'RE TAUGHT.
High Leverage Practices
High Leverage Practices
Great teachers aren't born. THEY'RE TAUGHT.

High Leverage Practices Overview

The High-Leverage Practices Video Examples Collection documents a range of teachers whose exemplary practice TeachingWorks has chosen to feature. This collection includes video examples of high-leverage practices (HLPs) being enacted in real classroom settings. These videos exemplify the high-leverage practices in different forms and in different school contexts and to help us develop commonly agreed upon technical language to describe the work of teaching. For example, in the video examples representing the high-leverage practice of establishing norms for classroom learning, we provide annotated illustrations of specific norms being established and the moves that the teacher is using in the video.

This collection is part of a suite of materials and resources TeachingWorks is creating to contribute to enhanced professional development for both pre-service and practicing teachers. More information about the high-leverage practices and the organization can be found on the TeachingWorks website.

About Teachers and Classes

  • Teachers were pre-screened and identified as having exemplary practice for consideration in collection
  • Classroom videos captured in the 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15, and 2017-18 school years
  • Video range includes Kindergarten to high school classrooms
  • Mathematics and English language arts lessons (in addition to Social Studies, Science Literacy and other content)
  • Lessons from teachers in diverse school districts across the country
  • Each video clip features a TeachingWorks' High-Leverage Practice (HLP)

Collection Contents

  • High-Leverage Practice (HLP) overview format describing each HLP and highlighting examples of the tools & techniques used by teachers featured in the examples collection
  • More than 50 mathematics and english language arts class sessions of approximately 2-3 minutes each
  • Each clip captured from two camera angles, along with additional "stitched" views combining footage from the two cameras
  • Some clips are accompanied by lesson artifacts including lesson plans, lesson materials, class handouts, digital scans of handwritten student notebooks, and test papers.

Collection Background

For consideration in this collection, TeachersWorks sought teachers who:

  • Have demonstrated success working with all students
  • Actively engage students as learners and as individuals
  • Demonstrate high expectations for all students and are skilled at engaging a diverse group of student in complex work
  • Are skilled at leading a whole class discussion
  • Have well-established norms for engaging in discourse
  • Have demonstrated success setting up and facilitating small group work
  • Are comfortable making their teaching practice public
  • Work in school settings that are open to having videotaping occur
  • Have some flexibility regarding scheduling and pacing

Contributing Partners

  • The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • TeachingWorks, University of Michigan
  • Teaching & Learning Exploratory, University of Michigan