AIM-TRU Video Cases

Each video case has a set of materials that you can adapt to fit your context. These materials include a link to the lesson itself, information about the mathematical context, supplementary information about the school and lesson, a transcript of the video, and remote versions of lesson resources (if available).

Orientation Materials

Consult our Orientation Guide and Orientation Basedeck for help in how to introduce the AIM-TRU professional development model to mathematics educators in your setting. These orientation resources contain several activities (Building Norms, Introducing FALs, Introducing TRU Dimension Reflection Tools, and Building Collegiality) to help teachers get ready to engage with the AIM-TRU model, and include the following: Community Introduction, Big Mathematical Picture, Framework and Tools for Effective Mathematics Teaching, and Pulling it Together: the AIM-TRU Model.

We also have additional activities to support various contexts and communities, including the following: Building Norms, Introducing FALs, and Building Collegiality.

Facilitation Materials

Consult our Facilitation Guide and Basedeck for help in how to facilitate AIM-TRU sessions in your setting. These facilitation resources contain details about how to facilitate each component of the AIM-TRU model, and include the following: Group Norms, Developing our Big Mathematical Picture, and Video Discussion.

Middle School Cases
High School Cases

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact our team at with any questions you have about the AIM-TRU resources or how you might use them in your setting.

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